In Fall 2023, on November 17th-18, our brethren at Lakewood Presbyterian Church (Dallas, Texas) hosted a conference titled What can the Righteous Do? (Psalm 11:3). For detailed information of the Conference (schedule, etc.) you may select the attached Conference Flier: LakewoodConferenceFlier. Link to the Conference Lectures Playlist: Conference Lectures Playlist from Drs. Joel Beeke, Joseph Pipa, Todd Ruddell, and Ben Dunson. Each lecture has also individually been embedded below in the order of their occurrence at the conference.














1. The Puritans on Adoption – Dr. Joel Beeke

2. The Puritans on Holiness – Dr. Joel Beeke

3. The Puritans on Marriage & Child-Rearing – Dr. Joel Beeke

4. The Land is Filled with Violence: The Imperative for Reform – Dr. Todd Ruddell

5. The Rutherford Option – Dr. Ben Dunson

6. Roles & Responsibilities in our Present Distress – Dr. Joseph Pipa

7. Principles for Times of Difficulty in the Church, Psalm 11 – Dr. Joseph Pipa

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