Conference Lectures: The Free Offer of the Gospel: An Examination Professor John Murray’s “The Free Offer of the Gospel”

Presented by Rev. Dr. Todd Ruddell, M.Div., Th.M., Th.D., for Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada Sublime Gracia, Chiapas, Mexico (September, 2023) | PDF Essay: Three Lectures on the Free Offer |Web Article Essay Version

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Free Offer Controversy & The Kindness of God to all His Creatures: Matthew 5.44-48; Luke 6.27-28; 35-36; Acts 14.17
Lecture 2: God’s Condescending Speech toward His Creatures: Deuteronomy 5.29; 32.29 Psalm 81.13; Isaiah 48.18 & Christ’s Weeping over Jerusalem–its meaning and import: Matthew 23.37; Luke 13.34
Lecture 3: God’s Expressions of Desire regarding Repentance: Ezekiel 18.23, 32; 33.11; Isaiah 45.22; 2 Peter 3.9
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