Conference Audio: Our Puritan Heritage

Presented by Drs. Don Kistler and Todd Ruddell, hosted by Reformation Presbyterian Church (RPCGA), Sheboygan Wisconsin (April, 2024)

  1. Meet the Puritans – Dr. Don Kistler
  2. The Puritans on the Doctrine of Salvation – Dr. Todd Ruddell
  3. The Puritans on Worship – Dr. Todd Ruddell
  4. Comforting Wounded and Weary Souls – Dr. Don Kistler
  5. Our Puritan Heritage Question & Answers РVarious Speakers
  6. The Puritans on Assurance of Salvation – Dr. Don Kistler
  7. Scripture Reading Matthew 16.13-18 – Dr. Don Kistler
  8. Sermon: When the LORD Sends Affliction (John 9.1-7) – Dr. Todd Ruddell
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