Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church is a particular Church of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly, and member Church of New Geneva Presbytery. Our faith and practice is informed by the Scriptures as our primary and inspired, God-breathed standard. Our subordinate standards, the 1647 Westminster Confession of FaithLarger & Shorter Catechisms, are faithful expressions of what the Scriptures teach.

Our Name

Christ: Our only Surety and Mediator, Sacrifice and Substitute, Righteousness and Sanctification; the Wisdom of God, the Logos of God, triumphing as the Second Adam where the first Adam fell, God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity

Covenant: The means whereby the Triune God has brought His people into everlasting and gracious communion with Himself, unilaterally, uniting them to Christ, the only Mediator of the Covenant of Grace

Reformed: Teaching the Biblical Doctrines of God’s Sovereignty, of Divine Monergism in our redemption, of His initiating Grace and Salvation as the only hope of man to escape eternal judgment; the sufficiency of the Scriptures, and the “righteousness of God which is by the faith of Jesus Christ” alone, preached and restored to the Church at large during the Protestant Reformation

Presbyterian: Confessing and practicing the Biblical doctrines of Church government, of a broader authority than that of the local congregation, held in a plurality of elders, and those distinctively taught in the Westminster Standards, 1647

Church: The Visible people of God, Called out of the world as His people, under Christ’s government and discipline administered by Elders, called as saints to serve Him together with their children regardless of age; and testifying to His invisible Church, the whole number of the elect that have been, are, or shall be gathered into one under Christ the Head. This brochure will tell you a little more about us.

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